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Import Excel sheet as SharePoint List

October 22, 2010 14 comments

Today I stumbled upon new feature of SharePoint 2010, Uploading excel spread sheet as SharePoint list.

I found it quite interesting and useful.

Here is how its done.

We will create a excel sheet having two columns[coutryname and countrycode] and  upload it in SharePoint as SharePoint list , along with data.

Open excel[i,m using office 2010]

Click on Insert Tab

Click on very first cell of excel and then click on table , a popup  window[create table] will come up, tick the checkbox next to my table has headers.

Below screen will come up

Rename column1 to countryname add one more column , name it as countrycode

And enter some dummy data.

Save your excel sheet .Name it as country.

Now click on site actions tab, then click on more options.

A popup window for create will come up select on import spreadsheet then click on create.

Below screen will come up, click on browse to select saved excel sheet.



Enter the name of list[this name will appear as list name in sharepoint]

When you click on import. below screen will come up,

Keep the range Type as Table Range and Click on select range and select Sheet1!Table1 from drop down list.

Click on import , a window asking your credentials will pop up, provide user name and password

Data gets imported and you can see SharePoint list created in your site.

We are simple ..yet so gr8

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